School Dance DJ Services

School dances no matter whether its Grade, middle or even high school, having a professional DJ to entertain kids of any age is imperative.  Knowing that the DJ will handle all requests, teach the dances that go along with them and perform activities in a way to insure the kids have a safe and fun party, no matter how many different musical tastes will be present.


Having a professional company as your schools DJ can be a very smart move, having a student or a parent offer to do it can be a recipe for disaster.  The lack of experience can cause serious issues.  Example, having lyrics with inappropriate lyrics, vulgar or sexually graphic words will cause problems that will reflect poorly on your school or facility.  Only legally owned and edited music is played by Robb Smith Productions.

resort2   legal music

Also when kids are bored, they get into trouble, we try to keep them active and involved, therefore they are less likely to get into any problematic situations.  Call us for more reasons why you should consider us for your school event.






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