Amazing Lighting Promo gives you Free Honeymoon or Vacation Package with Lighting Upgrade!

Tampa Wedding and Party Venue Uplighting  (reasonable rates)

IMAG0259Nothing has been more noticeable at venues in the past years as uplighting.  The act of adding colored lights to the various sections of a room, corners, sidewalls and even tables themselves to create a wash of color, that can turn even the simplest looking room into a showplace.


As some of the examples below show you before and after, a simple column can be made to look completely different.  By utilizing two colors as the above picture shows, increases the effect.IMAG0188









We often hear people react as they walk into the room for the first time, saying “Wow”, what they are seeing first is, the colors, then noticing the other decor.

20150214_174710           gobo light

Also consider adding a GOBO light to your event showing your names or initials to really add the wow factor to your event, starting as low as $99

Note: some companies charge exorbitant prices for this feature, we charge reasonable rate, if you are already using our services for your DJ portion, we are already there helping with that part why not let us take care of up lighting your room.




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